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Hristijan Ilieski

Founder, CEO


Viktor Todorovski

Co-Founder, COO

A group of creative minds dedicated to creating the best apps and websites in the world.

Develephant is a web development, customer-centric company determined to create a high-quality, feature-packed website or web application for your business.

Our main focus is on coming up with ideas, designing, and maintaining websites and applications. The meticulous way of working we promote helps companies to keep pace in the current competitive world, where appearance and accessibility are the main measures for success.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to grow and thrive into a well-respected company that is globally recognized for providing quality services and meets the expectations of our clients by helping them develop even more and continue their success.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help customers grow their business by equipping them with high-quality products with innovative and unique designs, to create a consistent competitive advantage for them worldwide while providing the best service and total customer satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy



At our company, we strongly belive that good menagement is the key to success. Our leaders are focused, passionate, skilled, and dedicated to guiding our team to achieve our goals. What makes them great is being able to embolden the rest to rise to their highest potential while prioritzing continuous learning and development for employees.


Team Collaboration

At Develephant when we all work together towards a common goal, we believe that we can achieve great things. Open communication, and constructive feedback is encouraged between our team members to make more supportive and collaborative work environment. By working together we create innovative solutions, improve efficiency and drive success for our clients.


Transparency & Integrity

We believe that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and integrity. Honesty, fairness and accountability are part of the essential blocks of building trust with our clients and team members. Our commitment to be transparent in every step of the way is always one of our priorities. Our goal is to always uphold these values so we can build strong and lasting relationships with everyone.

We Are Awesome

Why Choose Develephant


Research and Analysis

We always conduct thorough and comprehensive research to make the best decisions.


Open Communication

Open communication is the key to successfully achieve your goals.


Creative and innovative solutions

We have to think outside of the box to develop unique and effective solutions.


Transparency and ease of work

We make sure that the work process is smooth and straightforward for everyone.