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Unlock Your Web Potential - Take Your Business Online With An Optimized Website!


Your website is the place where people learn about you and your business online. As such, it should reflect your goals, and expertise, and make sure that anyone from anywhere can access it and turn into a potential client.


However, not every business owner gives their website the attention it needs. This, in turn, may lead to lower efficiency and new business, as well as low traffic and unsuccessful marketing campaigns.


There are easy signs that you may suffer from the bad website syndrome.

To help you evaluate your website, we created this list with ten clear signs that you need to consider re-designing it:


1. Your website design is out of date


If it’s been a while since your website was changed or improved, your visitors will immediately notice it. They will feel your services are no longer relevant, and you don’t want to keep pace with your competitors.


Problematic because: 
It pushes potential clients away because your business and services seem no longer competitive and current.


Solved through:

A modern and up-to-date design delivers a striking first impression that sets the foundation for credibility and relevance.


2. Your website loads very slowly


Everyone’s busy nowadays, so if someone shows an interest in your business, it’s likely they want to receive information about it as soon as possible. If loading the website takes more than four seconds, visitors will likely close the tab and go to a competitor.


Problematic because: 

You can lose potential clients. Slow loading speeds push you down in the search engine rankings, so it’s even harder for your potential future clients to find your website organically on Google.


Solved through:

A new website, optimized and compressed images, and professionally written code help improve your ranking and searchability, as well as the first impression visitors get from your website.


3. Your website is not optimized for mobile phones


Let’s face it, mobile devices have become a basic necessity over the years, meaning that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you risk losing leads and clients.


Problematic because: 

Your website needs to be navigable and available for both desktop and mobile phone users, otherwise, the paths to your website are blocked.


Solved through:

Responsive design that adapts to any device size your website visitors use and ensures a smooth user experience.


4. Your website is difficult to navigate


Poor user experience means that your visitors can’t intuitively find the information they need about you, so it can lead to frustration, and they will leave.


Problematic because: 

You want your website visitors to stay longer on your website and learn about you and your services in a natural and smooth way.


Solved through:

A new website with a user-friendly design that ensures a frictionless user experience on your website.


5. Your website doesn’t rank highly on Google


Ideally, you want your clients to find you and your business quickly on search engines. If they don’t find you on the first page of search engine results, this results in lower organic traffic to your website.


Problematic because: 

You are losing clients to your competitors because they optimize their websites and rank higher than you on search engines.


Solved through:

A new website with keyword-based content and meta tags means a higher ranking for your website and more organic traffic to your website and services.


6. Your visitors quickly leave your website


This is otherwise known as a high (or low) bounce rate the rate at which people landed on your website but quickly decided that it wasn't appealing to them, so they don’t stay any longer.


Problematic because: 

If you can’t keep your visitors engaged, you risk losing them to a competitor that catches their attention and solves their problems in a clearer way.


Solved through:

A new website with quality content, clear calls to action, and an intuitive design mean your visitors stay on your website longer, which leads to a higher chance of getting into business with them and a lower bounce rate.


7. You can’t update your website content easily


Updating and adding new pieces of content to your website should be simple and effective. Enriching your blog entries and website sections should be a straightforward  process, not an impossible task.


Problematic because: 

It prevents you from making easy and quick tweaks to your website content, and it’s not super easy to enable someone else to manage your website content.


Solved through:

A new website with a content management system that lets you make changes and additions to your website content in a matter of minutes.


8. Your website is not integrated with your marketing channels


Integrating your website with your other marketing tools, such as email providers, social media accounts, and Google Analytics, enables you to keep track of the campaigns you run and their success, as well as determine what is the most frequent way your visitors land on your website.


Problematic because: 

You can’t track your marketing campaigns, and you risk losing leads and potential clients.


Solved through:

A new website with integrated and connected marketing channels that provides you with insights about your website and marketing channels’ performance.


9. Your website is not secure


The lack of an SSL certificate is a major alarm for your website visitors, who may decide against leaving their personal information on your website.


Problematic because:

Your website visitors will lose trust and credibility because your website is not secure.


Solved through:

A new website with a secure HTTPS connection immediately ensures a great first impression for your visitors, who will stay on your website knowing it’s safe and secure.


10. Your website is not in line with your business goals


Everything changes and evolves, and that includes businesses and their goals. For that reason, it’s important that your website reflect and represent your current business goals.


Problematic because:

If your website reflects your outdated goals, then this will not resonate with your visitors, and it may lead to confusion and misunderstanding.


Solved through:

A new website that is aligned with your business goals and messaging means that your online presence is authentic, and people can easily connect to it.




An optimized, user-friendly, and integrated website can have multiple benefits for your business, including a better user experience, higher traffic, more leads and clients, and an improved digital presence.

If any of these signs apply to your website, it’s time to think about redesigning it.


You’re still unsure about it? Drop us a message here and book a consultation with one of our experts, who’ll happily give you feedback about improving your website and online presence:


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